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Welcome to Starlight Glimmer daily!The one blog where Starlight's the best pony all day everyday.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Starlight post of the day #42

Today I could talk about tons of things, like how cute Starlight looks in that picture or how she's still the best pony. Instead, I found that there's a more important topic that deserves today's post.
Gravity waves
That's right, the thing that everyone's probably been rambling about the full day and can't shut up about. Still, it's a great step forward in science, it's a tremendous discovery that's gonna change the field of various science related subjects, such as physics and astrology, quite a lot when moving forward. 
Alright, these daily posts aren't supposed to turn into long rambles, it's supposed to be more of a post of recognition, so I won't be dragging this on for too long. 

I'm pretty sure the two science ponies Starlight and Twilight are quite happy about the amazing discovery.

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