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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Episode afterthoughts: Season 6 premiere

Me watching the season premiere:

But what were my initial thoughts? Well, y'know, just as I thought I would, I loved Starlight Glimmer in it. Sunburst was an interesting character, really likable too, so there were a some surprises there.
As for the plot, y'know, I really loved Starlight's part in it...
Okay, it was an awesome episode. The storm was a quite an interesting threat, plot was a bit predictable though. I loved how all the plot points came together in a sorta way. I liked Sunburst's character and hope we see him again in future episodes. 
As for Starlight, this has been exactly what I've been waiting for. It was a nice way to start off Starlight's journey as the prodigy...fine, student...of Twilight. It had decent amount of adventure, action and stuff, but mostly it was a comedy episode. 
I liked how Starlight played an important role in y'know, fixing the crystal heart, I also liked how her venturesome approach fixed the problem.
I gotta admit, I did look at the episode a bit critically, because, well, it's what I've waited for quite a while - seeing Starlight's character play into the story, mixing her into the group and of course to see what direction they take her character post-reform. And I gotta admit, I like how they handled that tough challenge in the episode.
Terrific episode.
9/10 (+5 points for Starlight.)

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