Welcome to Starlight Glimmer Daily!

Welcome to Starlight Glimmer daily!The one blog where Starlight's the best pony all day everyday.

Friday, April 1, 2016


Never thought it'd happen exactly on April Fool's day, but it did - we hit the 100th post mark! 
And let me tell you, we've had tons of great moments on our way to this milestone - we got theories, we got tons of art of Starlight, we've had overall terrific time, but most importantly, inside those 100 posts, lays the time of the season 6 premiere, though recent, and it's just been a wild ride - Starlight's a mane character of the show now, and we'll only continue to have more Starlight fun in the future. 
I'd also like to thank everyone who has bothered to check out this blog, read it, comment here, get involved in any way, it means a lot to me. Cause, after all, what's a blog without readers, amirite?
And a special thanks to A1X, you've been always around, you've commented on almost every post here and it's terrific having you around.

And with that, we'll be onto our journey to the next hundred, maybe even a thousand. It's gonna be great and we're gonna get tons of Starlight fun out of it,

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