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Welcome to Starlight Glimmer daily!The one blog where Starlight's the best pony all day everyday.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Starlight post of the day #85

Artist credit: ME

Look at Starlight all batshit crazy, swinging that fucking Lucille bat around like a fuckless fuck on a fuck free day. 

Today I decided to try something a bit different. Took some time, took a pen, and took this shitty piece of paper and just started drawing. Why? Well, y'know, The Walking Dead season finale, Negan gonna appear on the fuckin' big screen, just thought a something a little bit fuckin' special was in order. And tell you what, there was literally NOT A SINGLE DRAWING OF NEGAN AS A PONY: So, yeah, I was also the first one to...well, I didn't turn Negan into a pony, but Starlight's holding Lucille there, ya kinda get the point. I'm thinking of also maybe adding a leather jacket to her to give her more of this authentic Negan look. Still, it's Starlight as Negan, a drawing I've wanted to make for quite a few months now (and finally got around to doing so today.) Anyway, hope you like it and enjoy the greatness that will be The Walking Dead season finale with NEGAN! (To those of you who watch it, of course.)

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