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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Episode afterthoughts: A hearts warming tail

Evil Starlight is back Snowfall is here!

And by Snowfall, I mean Starlight. Yup, that's right, a Christmas themed Starlight episode...right before the beginning of summer.
Now, there's not much to sum up this time, sadly. It wasn't as full of theme as No second prances was. In matter of fact, this episode seemed to do a lot of this singing thing again. These songs will grow on me...eventually. 
Now, as Starlight Snowfall goes through the old well known & massively portrayed 3 Christmas ghosts story, she learns her lesson & starts appreciating Christmas Heartswarming again. 
I mean, there really isn't that much to talk about here, we all know how the story goes. This episode was more of putting the same story into pony world portrayed by Starlight (and I seriously appreciate it, writers= & with a slight few changes. 
Anyway Starlight & Starlight Snowfall & Starlight learned their lessons & caved into the peer pressure of celebrating Heartswarming...yay?

They didn't really bother to change the cutie mark, so...I guess the character Snowfall of the well known legend shares the same cutie mark with Starlight now. It's not gonna come into play later, it's just something that exists.

This episode had an interesting take on Starlight's Snowfall's past. Guess filly Starlight can't catch a break even if she's not actually Starlight. Oh well...

This episode's moral was once again - partying & friends are more important than studying & hard work. Cause unless you party, monsters are gonna come or something like that...

Summing it up, I rate this 7/11 ponies.

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