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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Episode afterthoughts: No second prances

After a month long break, Starlight's back, and she's back better than ever!

The episode...it was GREAT, IT WAS AMAZING!
Fantastic episode.

What I loved about this episode, really, was, not just that it had Starlight in it, but it was an episode full of depth.
The episode itself, isn't based on one story through one perspective, but rather 3 individuals, all trying to achieve their goal, some of theirs purer than others.
Like Twilight, wanting to impress Celestia with her teaching methods. (Heh, good fucking luck.)
Trixie wanting to be better than Twilight at something.
And Starlight just wanting to make a friend. (Aww...)

Now, Twilight's side is just trying to fill her own egoistical agenda, hoping it would go her way. She's really stepped up her game on the political spectrum from smile & wave to screw & manipulate. 
Her side of it is boring, ya can check out politics if ya want to see that.

Trixie's side is a bit more interesting. She starts off with a simple goal, to jump into Twilight's face on being better than her. So, she finds Starlight, obviously manipulates (Heh, Starlight, the tables have turned) her and tries to achieve her goal. The moment she does it, she doesn't really care anymore...or does she? Starlight runs away & Trixie becomes broken. Pride becomes before the downfall & after realizing that there is more to it than just winning, Trixie becomes all suicidal and all. Starting off her show in an un-Trixie style of "Fuck it, it's all gonna be over soon."  She climbs into the canon, ready to fire herself into the mouth of a pony eating manticore. No clue where Starlight could be, but she does it. For what she knows, Starlight could be at the other side of the Ponyville. There isn't really much doubt for Trixie, she's ready to end it all, one way or another. With a simple GLIMMER of magic, she is saved. Dramatic

Now comes Starlight's part. The only genuine pony of the episode. (Odd, isn't it?) Setting on a simple quest of gaining a new friend & dropping a few lines of savagery:
"Hey, maybe I'll just force friendships by magically enslaving the entire population of Ponyville."
"I'm really good at organizing stuff. Magic props, brainwashed crowds..."

After a while, she realizes, she can't find friends in Ponyville...the very same town where an introvert annoyed by other ponies gained 6 new friends despite her best efforts of pushing them away.
So, Starlight gets stressed. And once you get stressed, ya wanna relax. And Starlight does just that.
A SPA. Where she meets Trixie...yadayada, y'know the story.
So, naively trusting Trixie, odd for a pony who used to manipulate brainwashed crowds, she builds trust with her, on a common experience of...hating Twilight?
Oh yeah, and also having bad backgrounds.
Anyway, as the former villain team steps on the road of debauchery & Starlight decides to skip a dinner with a princess...to hang out with Trixie?
Good intentions don't go unrewarded though, so obviously Starlight is backstabbed both by Twilight & Trixie. Damn, harsh.
On the final minutes of the show, Starlight is sitting on a cliff, witnessing Trixie's suicide launch. Confronted by another backstabber & annoying politician, Twilight, she decides to save Trixie's life, and so she does. And now...Starlight has a first new friend? Trixie. Awesome, amirite?
Those of y'all who wanted more of Trixie, ya gotta be happy now, right? She's the first new friend of the new mane character.

And those of y'all Starlight fans (Cause you're at Starlight Daily, a reminder), y'all must've loved the shit out of Starlight being the hero of the episode. Awesome!

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