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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Starlight post of the day #141

Artist credit: RamseyBrony17

Some badass Starlight for you today. Put an Indiana Jones Fedora on her head and BOOM, she's ready to dodge bullets & boulders

What's coming - This summer

Hi, you're here, great!

Have you ever wondered, how awesome would it be if Sparks actually would publish something else besides "Starlight post of the day" here regularly? If you have, you're in luck!
Now, I looked at this blog & I found, there's not really that much stuff going on here. Ya got your post of the day, but that's not much at all. Ya also got Episode afterthoughts every Saturday or Sunday after the episode (and that is considering Starlight is in it), but what are we gonna do once the season goes on mid-season hiatus? Or even a big end of the season hiatus, like we've had? This blog though, it was started mid-hiatus, but there was enough Starlight content to go off of. And even more started pouring in when Starlight kept up her appearances. There's been plenty of fan art & that's great.
However, I feel like we need to break out of this daily routine of 1 post a day. Make some new content, weekly content, something you can come back to & always know that it's gonna show up here, this day or the other.
Now, I'm not sure how many noticed (actually I'm not sure how many regular readers there are), but a few weeks ago, I posted something called Throwback Friday I'm planning to make it a thing, but there isn't really that much Starlight episodes to go off of right now, but I think it's possible, at least to keep it up for a little while. I'm trying to make this into regular thing, but we can't milk it dry. Point being, expect to see that again, starting some Friday soon 
Another thing I plan on bringing to the table, would be weekly Starlight analysis & theories. There's plenty of subjects to discuss from episodes like "No second prances" & "A heart's warming tail", and there's undoubtedly also something to take from episodes before that, so expect these to be a new weekly thing. I'm still trying to set a date, but I think either Wednesday or Monday. 
I also plan on doing a thing called "Starlight reviews" (It's not the same as the analysis & theories I was talking about earlier.) I want to make this into a big thing, maybe monthly, preferably weekly. After all, I wanna have some fun with this idea, but it's also gonna be a ton of hard work to put together, so expect it, not anytime soon, but expect it! It's gonna be great!
Though, I'm having a quite busy time lately, I plan on starting to put the changes in effect perhaps in a week or maybe a bit more, but I'll try to get 'em out as soon as possible. It's gonna be an exciting summer for this blog.
I'll be starting off with regular reviews, a quiteso interesting topic I've thought about since "No second prances" that I feel has quiteso potential & a lot to discuss about. The topic itself is gonna be the turn of tables, the big upcoming confrontation between Starlight & Twilight. 

But yeah, those are my ideas so far to increase the blog's activity. Those would fill up like 3-4 days of this blog a week, but there's plenty of free time left for other stuff. Maybe some sorta community activity posts...I have an idea! If there's something new you'd like to see here on Starlight Daily, drop it off into the comments, I'll check it out & see what I can do.

And yeah, if you read through all of it...here's a Starlight Cookie, each one freshly baked by Starlight herself.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Starlight post of the day #140

Present and Past by JennyPaige
Artist credit: JennyPaige

We've done something like that before...and actually I'm not sure if I ever ended up posting it. Anyway, look at this, this is amazing. The effort put into it & its looks and just...WOW. Seriously though, this art piece is amazing, major respect to the artist. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Starlight post of the day #139

Artist credit: Comeha

"What do you mean princesses can't send all their mortal enemies to the moon?"

I would've captioned Starlight, but she's knocked out

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Friday, May 27, 2016

Starlight post of the day #137

Stargazing by anarchemitis
Artist credit: anarchemitis

Heh, Trixie & her socks...


Stargazing, get it?

Yeah, I'll shut up now...

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Starlight post of the day #135

Starlight Snowfall here doesn't even hesitate, because she knows she can cook the best soup of her time

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Starlight post of the day #132

Could we focus for a moment on the fact that Starlight Snowfall was making gold out of a rock

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Starlight post of the day #131

When ya realize the first page of Starlight Daily is filled with Snowfall Frost instead of Starlight Glimmer

Friday, May 20, 2016

Starlight post of the day #130

When a rich pony shows up to a party with gifts & everyone suddenly is interested

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Starlight post of the day #128

It's kinda like the Pinkamena mane, Starlight gets extra salty with her old manestyle.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Starlight post of the day #126

Artist credit: Me
Tried drawing a pony for the second time. (First time being Negan Glimmer. Remember her? With Lucille and everything)
Speakin' of that, I seriously gotta find better drawing paper for my next pieces

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Starlight post of the day #125 (Snowfall)

Snowfall Frost by Osipush
Artist credit: Osipush
Opinions on Snowfall Frost? Y'know, that pony with Starlight's old mane & Starlight's cutie mark that is totally not actually Starlight.

Episode afterthoughts: A hearts warming tail

Evil Starlight is back Snowfall is here!

And by Snowfall, I mean Starlight. Yup, that's right, a Christmas themed Starlight episode...right before the beginning of summer.
Now, there's not much to sum up this time, sadly. It wasn't as full of theme as No second prances was. In matter of fact, this episode seemed to do a lot of this singing thing again. These songs will grow on me...eventually. 
Now, as Starlight Snowfall goes through the old well known & massively portrayed 3 Christmas ghosts story, she learns her lesson & starts appreciating Christmas Heartswarming again. 
I mean, there really isn't that much to talk about here, we all know how the story goes. This episode was more of putting the same story into pony world portrayed by Starlight (and I seriously appreciate it, writers= & with a slight few changes. 
Anyway Starlight & Starlight Snowfall & Starlight learned their lessons & caved into the peer pressure of celebrating Heartswarming...yay?

They didn't really bother to change the cutie mark, so...I guess the character Snowfall of the well known legend shares the same cutie mark with Starlight now. It's not gonna come into play later, it's just something that exists.

This episode had an interesting take on Starlight's Snowfall's past. Guess filly Starlight can't catch a break even if she's not actually Starlight. Oh well...

This episode's moral was once again - partying & friends are more important than studying & hard work. Cause unless you party, monsters are gonna come or something like that...

Summing it up, I rate this 7/11 ponies.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Starlight post of the day #122

You know, it kind of makes sense... by chebut
Artist credit: chebut

Aww, you're an evil little creature, aren't you? Yes you are, yes you are

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Starlight post of the day #121

Artist credit: EverlastingDerp

Starlight & Trixie are having fun playing around. Look at how cute Starlight looks in a Trixie outfit!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Starlight post of the day #118

Mane Swap by Osipush
Artist credit: Osipush

We did it before we do it again, mostly because everything else out there is TriLight shipping, Sunset Starlight mane switch!

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Monday, May 2, 2016

Starlight post of the day #112

Artist credit: Freshhorse

If Twilight thought Trixie was a bad influence, can't wait to see what she'll think of Discord showing up.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Starlight post of the day #111

The resemblance is uncanny

Episode afterthoughts: No second prances

After a month long break, Starlight's back, and she's back better than ever!

The episode...it was GREAT, IT WAS AMAZING!
Fantastic episode.

What I loved about this episode, really, was, not just that it had Starlight in it, but it was an episode full of depth.
The episode itself, isn't based on one story through one perspective, but rather 3 individuals, all trying to achieve their goal, some of theirs purer than others.
Like Twilight, wanting to impress Celestia with her teaching methods. (Heh, good fucking luck.)
Trixie wanting to be better than Twilight at something.
And Starlight just wanting to make a friend. (Aww...)

Now, Twilight's side is just trying to fill her own egoistical agenda, hoping it would go her way. She's really stepped up her game on the political spectrum from smile & wave to screw & manipulate. 
Her side of it is boring, ya can check out politics if ya want to see that.

Trixie's side is a bit more interesting. She starts off with a simple goal, to jump into Twilight's face on being better than her. So, she finds Starlight, obviously manipulates (Heh, Starlight, the tables have turned) her and tries to achieve her goal. The moment she does it, she doesn't really care anymore...or does she? Starlight runs away & Trixie becomes broken. Pride becomes before the downfall & after realizing that there is more to it than just winning, Trixie becomes all suicidal and all. Starting off her show in an un-Trixie style of "Fuck it, it's all gonna be over soon."  She climbs into the canon, ready to fire herself into the mouth of a pony eating manticore. No clue where Starlight could be, but she does it. For what she knows, Starlight could be at the other side of the Ponyville. There isn't really much doubt for Trixie, she's ready to end it all, one way or another. With a simple GLIMMER of magic, she is saved. Dramatic

Now comes Starlight's part. The only genuine pony of the episode. (Odd, isn't it?) Setting on a simple quest of gaining a new friend & dropping a few lines of savagery:
"Hey, maybe I'll just force friendships by magically enslaving the entire population of Ponyville."
"I'm really good at organizing stuff. Magic props, brainwashed crowds..."

After a while, she realizes, she can't find friends in Ponyville...the very same town where an introvert annoyed by other ponies gained 6 new friends despite her best efforts of pushing them away.
So, Starlight gets stressed. And once you get stressed, ya wanna relax. And Starlight does just that.
A SPA. Where she meets Trixie...yadayada, y'know the story.
So, naively trusting Trixie, odd for a pony who used to manipulate brainwashed crowds, she builds trust with her, on a common experience of...hating Twilight?
Oh yeah, and also having bad backgrounds.
Anyway, as the former villain team steps on the road of debauchery & Starlight decides to skip a dinner with a princess...to hang out with Trixie?
Good intentions don't go unrewarded though, so obviously Starlight is backstabbed both by Twilight & Trixie. Damn, harsh.
On the final minutes of the show, Starlight is sitting on a cliff, witnessing Trixie's suicide launch. Confronted by another backstabber & annoying politician, Twilight, she decides to save Trixie's life, and so she does. And now...Starlight has a first new friend? Trixie. Awesome, amirite?
Those of y'all who wanted more of Trixie, ya gotta be happy now, right? She's the first new friend of the new mane character.

And those of y'all Starlight fans (Cause you're at Starlight Daily, a reminder), y'all must've loved the shit out of Starlight being the hero of the episode. Awesome!