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Monday, July 4, 2016

Starlight post of the day #175: 4th of July

Happy American Birthday to y'all!!!
To all the followers who ain't a big fan of that, happy freedom day!!!

Look at that patriotic golden Starlight...being all proud of America & freedom & all.
Looks pretty presidential

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Starlight post of the day #174

Peacemaker and Starlight [Commission] + Speedpaint by Scarlet-Spectrum
Artist credit: Scarlet-spectrum

Starlight never was too keen on paying rent for that land she built the equal town on. One of the reasons being that that town really didn't create much revenue. Other being that Starlight really didn't care about the sheriff's opinion much either.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Starlight post of the day #173

Magic pals by Celebi-Yoshi
Artist credit: Celebi-Yoshi
Honestly, I think we should get more of Trixie & Starlight, with Trixie being Starlight's first friend is all...Twilight & the rest of the mane 6 don't count for some reason

Hey, actually, we've haven't really seen much of Starlight associating herself with anyone besides Twilight of the mane 6...like, we need episodes where Starlight just hangs out with Applejack or something

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Starlight post of the day #171

Artist credit: Dm29

Twilight is reading a book to a filly Snowfall, cause Snowfall needs to grow up smart if she wants to get the same cutie mark as Starlight

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Starlight post of the day #169

More print art for con.
Artist credit: Amodwithoutamark
Starlight's picking a good book to read

Cause future leader of Equestria has to be educated

Monday, June 27, 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Starlight post of the day #167

Artist credit: Chebut
When his one time appearance role is done but he doesn't wanna leave the screen, so a mane character has to push him out

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Starlight post of the day #166

Artist credit: Shabrina025
Humane Starlight looks pretty cool. We seriously need her to show in the next EG movie.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Starlight post of the day #163

Artist credit: iDeltaVelocity

What is Starlight writing? Perhaps a diary? Or a journal? Or a book? 
My guess is good as yours

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Starlight post of the day #160

Artist: SS-SpiritStar

Starlight got new glasses from the Equestrian glass store, whaddya think?

You better like 'em...

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Starlight post of the day #159

Starlight Glimmer (season six) by Meze-Diapason
Artist credit: Meze-Diapazon

Starlight is doing some reading. She's not obsessed with books like her teacher Twilight is though. Starlight manages her passions & time well. Be smart, be like Starlight.

Bonus question: What is Starlight reading?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Starlight post of the day #156

Artist credit: Maedel2000

How did she drop the ice cream? What's the message?

Theory: The element of Starlight

Lets go over the basics again - We started off with elements of harmony which originate from the tree of harmony, which holding all the elements again, revealed a chest, which turned out to be a castle seed & it grew into a giant castle with a big interactive table, cutie map, in it, which sent the mane 6 on an adventure to the equal town, where they made a powerful enemy Starlight, who came back, altered the past & led Equestria to its doom, so Twilight convinced Starlight not to do that & Starlight became her apprentice or protege of some sort, so now she's studying under Twilight is part of the mane 7...and now you're all caught up, in case you've never watched the series.

Now, time to connect the two dots, the tree of harmony & elements of harmony from earlier, and the pony the cutie map led the mane 6 to, Starlight. Starlight's far known for her OP magical abilities & for her friendship studies under Twilight. While, setting on the same journey as Twilight once did, there's still a lot for Starlight to discover. Such as her element of harmony, which I hope to see come this season finale. Obviously, she's gonna face a challenge of some sort come the end of the season & that'd be the perfect time to reveal her element of harmony & whatever her cutie mark can mean besides the obvious "magic". 
Could the tree of harmony perhaps be fueling its entire energy into Starlight? Who knows...
But for now, lets see what we can gather up for this theory. As I've said before, these are merely just theories, so there isn't a 100% chance of them being true, but these are possible interpretations of what could be.

Exhibit A
As you can see, while surrounded by 6 elements (which are all already to our knowing), there seems to be a big ball, right in the middle, possibly hinting at another cutie mark. This, however, is rather early in the series, so what it was back then wasn't probably it, as there wasn't even a mere thought of Starlight in the writers minds, so of course this can be later interpreted the way if the writers wanna go that direction, but it's merely a part of the pony universe of interpretation right now.

Exhibit B
The tree of harmony. While, seeming complete at first, could there be things about the tree of harmony we yet don't know about. While, it seems the tree of harmony is quite full of trickery, it did send the mane 6 on the way to the equal town & provided the cutie map that acquainted Twilight & Starlight in their fun adventure through time.

Exhibit C

Now, onto the cutie map. The thing which has had perhaps the most direct link to Starlight & something that could possibly bring her destiny & element of harmony to be. The cutie map, working based on recruiting ponies to a certain location by their respective cutie marks, the high end of the Equestrian magic. We'll probably see it recruiting Starlight one day & with that, we'll be one step closer to discovering whatever besides magic & being OP could her cutie mark mean.

As for now, the story does seem to be leading up to Starlight, so if she does represent an element of harmony (& considering her role, she probably does), we should have the answers very soon.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Starlight post of the day #155

Starlight appears to be quite enjoying herself
It's Trump's birthday

House of Stars - Chapter 1: Make Equestria Great Again

She was nervous. Nervous as she's ever been. Starlight could feel the few drops of sweat slowly making the way down her face. It was now or never, she could not chicken out now, too much was at stake. "'Twelve words" she thought to herself. All I have to do is say those twelve words & I'm in it. She hesitantly looked up from the podium & scanned the area for possible threats. She seemed safe, but in times like this you could never know. Looking around & seeing more and more cheering ponies in the crowd gave her a little confirmation, that it's all gonna be okay, that what she was getting herself involved in wouldn't destroy her completely. The moment she was gonna say those twevle words, she knew - it has to be them for her & her for them, that's the only way they all can succeed.
"I'm officially running..." Starlight started off, keeping the calm, yet firm attitude. Nobody knew how fast her heart was bumping at the moment, and perhaps it was for the best. "...for the president of the great nation of Equestria!"
As she smiled & saw the crowd go off in an extraordinarily loud cheer, she knew the next couple of months are gonna be something she's never experienced before.


"Bullshit!" screamed a pony with the strangest cutie mark, a hazy combination of bits & ponies. Nobody had quiteso managed to put their hoof on what it could symbol, the pony himself however, simply calling himself The Bit Baron seemed to be quite knowing of his own talents, yet he never spoke of it, not even when asked.
In front of the pony was laying a newspaper, with a big title reading "She's in it to win it" 
"This pony must be the definition of strange," mumbled the pony by himself.


"Starlight!" shouted Twilight, poking her head into every room of the castle. "Where are you?"
"Hey, Twilight, do you think this suite fits good enough? Or should I drop by Rarity's boutique & get a new one?" can she hear screaming from the other end of the hall.
"Starlight, what in Equestria are you doing?" asked Twilight, poking her head into the room.
"I'm picking a suit for the campaign trail, of course. After all, the looks make up half the first impression," Starlight falls into thought, "Y'know, you're right, screw this thing, I'm gonna go order a new one from Rarity come tomorrow."
Twilight quietly closes the door behind herself "Starlight, we need to talk."
"I'm all for talking, Twilight. I'm standing in front of you right now & I'm talking to you. So what do we need to talk about?"
"I don't...I don't know what it is you're doing, but you've been acting so strange lately..." Twilight pauses, "And now you're running for president, unannounced and..."
"Let me interrupt you right there Twilight, I'm not running unannounced, I just announced my campaign..."
"I mean to me! I mean to all of us! You never told any of us you were gonna do it, not before you got up on that stage & made it public! You didn't ask for any of our help."
"I didn't need your help, Twilight! I can do this on my own! I wanna, do this on my own!"
"You can't do something like this on your own & by hiding secrets from us, from me!"
Starlight can feel the anger rush through her veins, but she knows how important it is to keep a calm attitude now. One sign of being stressed out, one emotionally made sentence can flush everything.
"You're right Twilight...I need you with me. But I also need to do this my own way, I can't be restricted by some set up boundaries, not this early."
"Then lets do it...Lets let Starlight be Starlight."
"You see, I need Twilight with me, at least this early in the game. I know ties will start breaking & they will start breaking fast, but I need to set up a strong platform on what I have, before it all slips away. I know the time will come when two of us will be at odds, but I can't let this be now, I'm too dependent on her & what she can offer for me at the moment."
"It's a deal!"


"Oh, come in!" said Rarity in her always gracious voice.
"I thought about the dress or a suit that Twilight said you had wanted for the...campaign trail"
"...And?" asked Starlight calmly.
"This will be an absolutely phenomenal and extravagant opportunity for my boutique, darling!"
A bit confused from the statement, Starlight looks at Rarity, "I'm afraid I don't follow..."
"You'll be touring around all of Equestria! In the most prestige and upper-class corners of the world!"shouts Rarity in over-excitement .
"Heh, you're right on that..."
"Rarity is gonna be an important part of my plan and if she thinks her playing field is only limited to getting me a suit, she's hardly mistaken. As I mentioned before, there will come a time when me & Twilight will be at odds and the side she chooses will be of great importance. I have to get on her good side before that."
"It'll take me 3 days to get the s-"
"Rarity, how would you like to be my campaign manager?"
"I'mma...I've gotta...whaaa?" is Rarity in obvious sudden shock.
"You said the dress would be done in 3 days?" asks Starlight, "Ya can sleep on it. I'll expect the answer when I'll come & pick up the suit. Can we do that?"
"Yeah...I...I guess so" mumbles Rarity.


It had been a tiring day for Twilight. Starlight going rogue meant nothing good for her, as it resulted in only a large amount of questions. Most of them "Will you be officially endorsing Starlight?" or "How much influence did you have in Starlight's campaign?" It wasn't easy for Twilight, as Starlight had left her pretty much out of the deal. The useless keypoints given by Starlight weren't much of help either. But that's who Starlight had always been - less of a follower of a list & more of a chaos wielder. Twilight chuckled as she imagined the possibility of Discord as Starlight's running mate.
"What was that?" Twilight could swear she heard someone call out her name. Starlight hadn't come back yet, so it could've been her playing another dirty trick on Twilight or someone else entirely. Sure, Starlight was quite a mischief, but it didn't seem like her style to freak out Twilight like that.
And that was enough to send Twilight into out of control shock, waving her hoofs around like a crazy pony & teleporting herself from one end of the room to another.
"Would've expected more grace from a pony of your caliber..."
Twilight recognized that voice. Even though she had had a few actual encounters with him & more heard it from various magic channels.
"Bit Barron..." whispers Twilight quietly.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Episode afterthoughts: Spice up your life

WOW. We're actually doing this again! They actually brought Starlight into the episode! Starlight fans rejoice! 
Okay, so we start the episode off in the big throne room hall or whatever, with the big table, cutie map, or well, there isn't a cutie map there. Well, at least not in the beginning of the episode, but we get it down the line, we get it down the line...
Episode itself, it was amazing, we get some awesome CGI editing, with the magnificent feat of the combined magic of Starlight & Twilight creating the...

Can we go off track here for a moment? What this bullshit, she was studying & we didn't see it? What kinda bullshit is that, Twilight was studying in the first season, we saw all that shit, no Starlight has to study off-screen. Oh, and she was gone for 4 episodes, but it's okay, cause she was working on a spell with Twilight...GG. 
At least we can hope that the next week's episode before hiatus will have Starlight...oh, wait, WHAT? They cut the mid-season one episode short, even though they've been skipping Starlight episodes for so long...*sigh* If this episode wouldn't had been heavily focused on Starlight, I would be throwing a tantrum right now.

...big magic show & rewakening the good old cutie map that got us through tough & weird times. And so, with that big magical feat, Starlight ends her big role in the episode & gives the torch over to Pinkie & Rarity. 

They also did some stuff, but it wasn't really important & I wasn't really paying attention as Starlight's big role of the episode was over & their story was probably just there to fill the leftover minutes the writers noticed after sending the episode to production. No biggie writers, I forgive you for wasting a few minutes of a Starlight episode on Rarity & Pinkie, as after all, we got plenty of Starlight content during this episode.

StarlightAr post of the day #153

Trapped in Bubbles by kindheart525
Artist credit: Kindheart525

Just. Use. Your. Horns.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Starlight post of the day #150

Trixie always saves the best for last by Titanium-dats-me
Artist credit: Titanium-dats-me

A small milestone, 150. Well, not that small, but it's a small step towards the bigger milestones.
So have Starlight, Spike, Trixie & some popcorn to celebrate

Theory: Starlight VS Twilight

We all remember when Twilight & rest of the mane 6 rolled into The Equal Town, found Starlight leading a cult there & then kicked her out & restored...talents? Yeah, lets go with that, restored talents.
From there on out, Starlight was on the run for quite some time & eventually she came back, had her revenge on Twilight & then got reformed yada, yada, yada...

Starting season 6, Twilight was Starlight's mentor in the study of friendship & it's been Starlight's duty to learn the ways of the magic of friendship ever since, kinda like Twilight from Celestia. So, we have that story again, how's that different this time? Well, we have different character, Starlight, but we could also have a different ending, which could be quite fascinating.

But how long am I gonna keep rambling here & reflecting on the past, lets jump right into the theory & then the possible background information. Now, since this is really a theory & by theory, I really mean theory, it doesn't have much background support, it mainly derives from a single thing I noticed during No second prances & I felt like this could be an interesting direction for the show to take.

But what's my theory?

Well, they really already did something similar in EG3, but not the way I would've wanted it to. I'd want to see Twilight, yeah Twilight, go down a dark path, y'know "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" type of way. Really, it actually could be what's really going to happen, something's really going on with Twilight recently. Especially in No second prances, her attitude, wasn't really the good 'ol Twilight we know from earlier seasons. I mean, she seems to be lately pushing more and more for her own interest. Anyway, with Starlight being set up as an antagonist turned protagonist, I would like to see the opposite switch in Twilight's personality. This could teach a great moral, in a way that sometimes the main villain can be one of your own, the one who you least expected. But what it also could do is, it could turn the tables, we could have Starlight VS Twilight again, but in a way that Starlight is on the "good side" and Twilight on the "evil side". What EG3 really lacked on that part was, that Twilight was pretty much manipulated till the end & then she became consumed with evil forces, so she didn't really "go bad" per se. I would want to see Starlight & rest of the mane 7 confront Twilight when she goes bad & then there to be epic battle between an alicorn & the most powerful unicorn of the land. It would be an amazing turn of events and it would be an AMAZING story opportunity. Both in a way where Starlight witnesses Twilight slowly loosing herself & with the epic final confrontation between the two. It would practically be Twilight turning more & more, well, not evil really, but out for her own interest, and that slow progress would be noticed by Starlight, who keeps doing reality checks to Twilight, but eventually Twilight just goes too far & decides to go rogue. Now, what would be great about that, would be that as Twilight slips more & more away, Starlight at the same time keeps learning more & more about friendship, and these two transitions would be going on at the same time, so we could have both personalities changing at different directions at the same time, which would also slowly change the story field & could lead to a lot of potential episode storylines, all with Twilight & Starlight taking different approaches than some other time.

Now, what do I have to support this theory? Well, not much, at the time. Mainly the episode No Second Prances, where Twilight seemed to take an interesting approach of choosing her own opinions & interests over Starlight's friendship. Now, sure, Trixie was toying with Starlight at that point to get under Twilight's skin, but it seemed weird for Twilight to take that approach & be so strongly against the two being friends & being unable to forgive Trixie for what she had done, weird approach for the princess of friendship.
Other observation I have is, while Starlight has been shown to be more powerful than Twilight, even though she's an alicorn & Starlight's an unicorn, there wasn't a single big battle between Twilight & Starlight at the season finale. They had a little fight, but that wasn't much of a fight. I feel like we haven't really seen the full potential of these two clashing at each other, which would be an EPIC battle. I feel like there's a point in Starlight being stronger than Twilight. Like, other than making every new character more OP then the last. 
What's more is, the big storyline, the cutie map, the castle, the elements of harmony, as I've said before, they all are leading up to something & Starlight is part of the path to whatever it is. There's a reason cutie map lead to The Equal Town & stayed around even when the timelines changed - Starlight is an important part of the path. Twilight going rogue would make sense in a way, that Starlight had to be brought into the game to bring Twilight back to her senses when the time comes.

But that's my theory, feel free to discuss what you think about it in the comments below.

    Wednesday, June 8, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #149

    looks like u and Trixie have a lot in common, Star by Titanium-dats-me
    Artist credit: Titanium-dats-me

    Oh, the Equestrian gossip papers are onna have a love fest over this one. Seems like Sunset is in for a lot of interviews.

    Tuesday, June 7, 2016

    Monday, June 6, 2016

    Saturday, June 4, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #145

    When ya realize there's a possibility that Sparks hasn't been around for 4 days & all the SPOTDs had been scheduled

    Thursday, June 2, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #143

    Artist credit: Tartifondue

    Vote Starlight - for the better future of a honest Equestrian hope for all

    Wednesday, June 1, 2016

    Tuesday, May 31, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #141

    Artist credit: RamseyBrony17

    Some badass Starlight for you today. Put an Indiana Jones Fedora on her head and BOOM, she's ready to dodge bullets & boulders

    What's coming - This summer

    Hi, you're here, great!

    Have you ever wondered, how awesome would it be if Sparks actually would publish something else besides "Starlight post of the day" here regularly? If you have, you're in luck!
    Now, I looked at this blog & I found, there's not really that much stuff going on here. Ya got your post of the day, but that's not much at all. Ya also got Episode afterthoughts every Saturday or Sunday after the episode (and that is considering Starlight is in it), but what are we gonna do once the season goes on mid-season hiatus? Or even a big end of the season hiatus, like we've had? This blog though, it was started mid-hiatus, but there was enough Starlight content to go off of. And even more started pouring in when Starlight kept up her appearances. There's been plenty of fan art & that's great.
    However, I feel like we need to break out of this daily routine of 1 post a day. Make some new content, weekly content, something you can come back to & always know that it's gonna show up here, this day or the other.
    Now, I'm not sure how many noticed (actually I'm not sure how many regular readers there are), but a few weeks ago, I posted something called Throwback Friday I'm planning to make it a thing, but there isn't really that much Starlight episodes to go off of right now, but I think it's possible, at least to keep it up for a little while. I'm trying to make this into regular thing, but we can't milk it dry. Point being, expect to see that again, starting some Friday soon 
    Another thing I plan on bringing to the table, would be weekly Starlight analysis & theories. There's plenty of subjects to discuss from episodes like "No second prances" & "A heart's warming tail", and there's undoubtedly also something to take from episodes before that, so expect these to be a new weekly thing. I'm still trying to set a date, but I think either Wednesday or Monday. 
    I also plan on doing a thing called "Starlight reviews" (It's not the same as the analysis & theories I was talking about earlier.) I want to make this into a big thing, maybe monthly, preferably weekly. After all, I wanna have some fun with this idea, but it's also gonna be a ton of hard work to put together, so expect it, not anytime soon, but expect it! It's gonna be great!
    Though, I'm having a quite busy time lately, I plan on starting to put the changes in effect perhaps in a week or maybe a bit more, but I'll try to get 'em out as soon as possible. It's gonna be an exciting summer for this blog.
    I'll be starting off with regular reviews, a quiteso interesting topic I've thought about since "No second prances" that I feel has quiteso potential & a lot to discuss about. The topic itself is gonna be the turn of tables, the big upcoming confrontation between Starlight & Twilight. 

    But yeah, those are my ideas so far to increase the blog's activity. Those would fill up like 3-4 days of this blog a week, but there's plenty of free time left for other stuff. Maybe some sorta community activity posts...I have an idea! If there's something new you'd like to see here on Starlight Daily, drop it off into the comments, I'll check it out & see what I can do.

    And yeah, if you read through all of it...here's a Starlight Cookie, each one freshly baked by Starlight herself.

    Monday, May 30, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #140

    Present and Past by JennyPaige
    Artist credit: JennyPaige

    We've done something like that before...and actually I'm not sure if I ever ended up posting it. Anyway, look at this, this is amazing. The effort put into it & its looks and just...WOW. Seriously though, this art piece is amazing, major respect to the artist. 

    Sunday, May 29, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #139

    Artist credit: Comeha

    "What do you mean princesses can't send all their mortal enemies to the moon?"

    I would've captioned Starlight, but she's knocked out

    Saturday, May 28, 2016

    Friday, May 27, 2016

    Starlight post of the day #137

    Stargazing by anarchemitis
    Artist credit: anarchemitis

    Heh, Trixie & her socks...


    Stargazing, get it?

    Yeah, I'll shut up now...

    Thursday, May 26, 2016

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    Starlight post of the day #135

    Starlight Snowfall here doesn't even hesitate, because she knows she can cook the best soup of her time