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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Theory: Starlight VS Twilight

We all remember when Twilight & rest of the mane 6 rolled into The Equal Town, found Starlight leading a cult there & then kicked her out & restored...talents? Yeah, lets go with that, restored talents.
From there on out, Starlight was on the run for quite some time & eventually she came back, had her revenge on Twilight & then got reformed yada, yada, yada...

Starting season 6, Twilight was Starlight's mentor in the study of friendship & it's been Starlight's duty to learn the ways of the magic of friendship ever since, kinda like Twilight from Celestia. So, we have that story again, how's that different this time? Well, we have different character, Starlight, but we could also have a different ending, which could be quite fascinating.

But how long am I gonna keep rambling here & reflecting on the past, lets jump right into the theory & then the possible background information. Now, since this is really a theory & by theory, I really mean theory, it doesn't have much background support, it mainly derives from a single thing I noticed during No second prances & I felt like this could be an interesting direction for the show to take.

But what's my theory?

Well, they really already did something similar in EG3, but not the way I would've wanted it to. I'd want to see Twilight, yeah Twilight, go down a dark path, y'know "The road to hell is paved with good intentions" type of way. Really, it actually could be what's really going to happen, something's really going on with Twilight recently. Especially in No second prances, her attitude, wasn't really the good 'ol Twilight we know from earlier seasons. I mean, she seems to be lately pushing more and more for her own interest. Anyway, with Starlight being set up as an antagonist turned protagonist, I would like to see the opposite switch in Twilight's personality. This could teach a great moral, in a way that sometimes the main villain can be one of your own, the one who you least expected. But what it also could do is, it could turn the tables, we could have Starlight VS Twilight again, but in a way that Starlight is on the "good side" and Twilight on the "evil side". What EG3 really lacked on that part was, that Twilight was pretty much manipulated till the end & then she became consumed with evil forces, so she didn't really "go bad" per se. I would want to see Starlight & rest of the mane 7 confront Twilight when she goes bad & then there to be epic battle between an alicorn & the most powerful unicorn of the land. It would be an amazing turn of events and it would be an AMAZING story opportunity. Both in a way where Starlight witnesses Twilight slowly loosing herself & with the epic final confrontation between the two. It would practically be Twilight turning more & more, well, not evil really, but out for her own interest, and that slow progress would be noticed by Starlight, who keeps doing reality checks to Twilight, but eventually Twilight just goes too far & decides to go rogue. Now, what would be great about that, would be that as Twilight slips more & more away, Starlight at the same time keeps learning more & more about friendship, and these two transitions would be going on at the same time, so we could have both personalities changing at different directions at the same time, which would also slowly change the story field & could lead to a lot of potential episode storylines, all with Twilight & Starlight taking different approaches than some other time.

Now, what do I have to support this theory? Well, not much, at the time. Mainly the episode No Second Prances, where Twilight seemed to take an interesting approach of choosing her own opinions & interests over Starlight's friendship. Now, sure, Trixie was toying with Starlight at that point to get under Twilight's skin, but it seemed weird for Twilight to take that approach & be so strongly against the two being friends & being unable to forgive Trixie for what she had done, weird approach for the princess of friendship.
Other observation I have is, while Starlight has been shown to be more powerful than Twilight, even though she's an alicorn & Starlight's an unicorn, there wasn't a single big battle between Twilight & Starlight at the season finale. They had a little fight, but that wasn't much of a fight. I feel like we haven't really seen the full potential of these two clashing at each other, which would be an EPIC battle. I feel like there's a point in Starlight being stronger than Twilight. Like, other than making every new character more OP then the last. 
What's more is, the big storyline, the cutie map, the castle, the elements of harmony, as I've said before, they all are leading up to something & Starlight is part of the path to whatever it is. There's a reason cutie map lead to The Equal Town & stayed around even when the timelines changed - Starlight is an important part of the path. Twilight going rogue would make sense in a way, that Starlight had to be brought into the game to bring Twilight back to her senses when the time comes.

But that's my theory, feel free to discuss what you think about it in the comments below.

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