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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Episode afterthoughts: Spice up your life

WOW. We're actually doing this again! They actually brought Starlight into the episode! Starlight fans rejoice! 
Okay, so we start the episode off in the big throne room hall or whatever, with the big table, cutie map, or well, there isn't a cutie map there. Well, at least not in the beginning of the episode, but we get it down the line, we get it down the line...
Episode itself, it was amazing, we get some awesome CGI editing, with the magnificent feat of the combined magic of Starlight & Twilight creating the...

Can we go off track here for a moment? What this bullshit, she was studying & we didn't see it? What kinda bullshit is that, Twilight was studying in the first season, we saw all that shit, no Starlight has to study off-screen. Oh, and she was gone for 4 episodes, but it's okay, cause she was working on a spell with Twilight...GG. 
At least we can hope that the next week's episode before hiatus will have Starlight...oh, wait, WHAT? They cut the mid-season one episode short, even though they've been skipping Starlight episodes for so long...*sigh* If this episode wouldn't had been heavily focused on Starlight, I would be throwing a tantrum right now.

...big magic show & rewakening the good old cutie map that got us through tough & weird times. And so, with that big magical feat, Starlight ends her big role in the episode & gives the torch over to Pinkie & Rarity. 

They also did some stuff, but it wasn't really important & I wasn't really paying attention as Starlight's big role of the episode was over & their story was probably just there to fill the leftover minutes the writers noticed after sending the episode to production. No biggie writers, I forgive you for wasting a few minutes of a Starlight episode on Rarity & Pinkie, as after all, we got plenty of Starlight content during this episode.

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